We perceive the world episodically through a series of experiences. Each moment is defined as a threshold. It is a fleeting experience that only occurs under certain conditions. Our perceptions are manipulated by light, color, depth, and materiality. I explored the ability to create thresholds through the control of these aspects. 

In the Threshold Matrix, I defined the visual aspects of perception (light, structure, depth, materiality, nature, and color) and the degrees of manipulation (immersion, projection, reflection, and inception).  

I mapped the spatial relations and aspects of thresholds through color, producing Threshold Standards. This study shows the relational qualities of the threshold. They exist independently or they may overlap, while establishing relationships to adjacent thresholds. 

For my Pure Threshold, I wanted to embody the temporal quality of thresholds. I manipulated light, color, and structure into an experience that is dependent on time, location, and light. 

The Indexical Threshold examined ways thresholds are used to filter people. I create a space that segregates, only to unify the users in the ambiguity of space created through adapting light, color, and structure to the different degrees of manipulation (immersion, project, reflection, and inception). 

The Threshold Crossing combined the ideas from the previous explorations. I began by thinking about the idea of reflection. I defined reflecting as the act of mirroring or showing an image and reflection as a thought occurring in consideration. These ideas guided my threshold gateway from one site to another. When entering the reflecting side the experiences engage the surrounding context, looking outward, projecting the community. On the side of reflection, the experience is inward to engage those passing through. 

The organization, programs, and experience of each site reinforce the ideas of reflecting/ reflection. Thresholds are formed to guide the grid. Starting from the smallest scale, the modules create individual thresholds while creating a larger network and a structural grid. As the grid shifts scales, different threshold conditions occur segregating people from the community to the public spaces to the residential spaces.

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