I hosted and produced a podcast about Mental Health at USC. My goal was to create a dialogue about wellbeing, a taboo topic. I interview Maggie Lee, a junior at USC and host of the podcast "It’s Growing Season", who discusses her mental health journey with Danielle Gautt, USC’S assistant director of outreach and prevention services, who adds wisdom from her experiences supporting students from historically marginalized communities. With their help, SCWell discusses the impacts that the pandemic, USC’s environment, and even one’s personal background and culture have on their mental well being.

Behind the Scenes @ SC: SCWell


My interest in Cinematic Arts led me to take CTPR-409 Practicum in Television Production. With the transition from in person class to Zoom, I was able to create, write, and produce two segments, and wraparounds, broadcasted on Trojan Vision.  I was interviewed by the Daily Trojan, who recounted the evolution of CTPR-409 and the work we did. This experience showed me my interest in production design, while showing me the importance of working with a team.  

Trojan Vision usually broadcast on a local station in Los Angeles, however, it aired on Facebook live. Check out Trojan Vision page to see the full shows: 

Corona Chronicles (Ft. Around the World)

The Tuesday After the Election (Ft. Piece of Cake)

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